3 months ago I moved down south to 'The Big Smoke'. I moved to study my dream University course whilst being surrounded by every opportunity imaginable. It's been a massive change and has brought me so many different experiences. Moving from a small sea side town to a big city comes with a heavy dose … Continue reading MOVING TO LONDON: 3 MONTHS ON



This is a short post but... Ahhhhhh. I did it. I made a Youtube Channel and I've already posted twice. A vlog and a makeup tutorial! I've wanted to do this for years and I've finally took the plunge. An opportunity arose when my University accommodation asked me to 'vlog' the move in experience for … Continue reading YOUTUBE?


I don't know how to start this post and I don't particularly know what I'm going to write but I'm just going to let my feelings, experiences and emotions explode onto my screen through tapping letters on my laptop's keyboard. It's going to be long. 13 days today, I move to university. I move knowing … Continue reading FRIENDSHIP


Coffee is one of my favourite things in life. That simple thing that you start to really appreciate when you think about it and the sort of simplicity that makes you appreciate all the other little things in life. For me, 'getting coffee' isn't just about the fact it's my favourite drink and I enjoy … Continue reading Coffee…